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Annie Zaidi

Annie Zaidi writes across genre and her body of work includes reportage, essays, fiction, drama, film and graphic storytelling. She is the author of Gulab, Love Stories # 1 to 14, and Known Turf: Bantering with Bandits and Other True Tales, and the co-author of 'The Good Indian Girl'. She has edited 'Unbound: 2000 Years of Indian Women's Writing', and 'Equal Halves'. She is also the winner of The Hindu Playwright Award 2018, for Untitled 1. Her script for a radio play, 'Jam', was the regional (South Asia) winner for the BBC’s International Playwriting Competition 2011. Zaidi works as a filmmaker too. Her first documentary film, 'In her Words: The Journey of Indian Women', traces the lives and struggles of women as reflected in their literature. She has written and directed five fictional short films.