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Paul St-Pierre

Paul St-Pierre taught in translation programs in Canada for more than twenty-five years and served as president of both the Canadian Association of Translation Studies and the Canadian Association of Schools of Translation. He has visited Odisha at least once a year since 1993, and has collaborated on numerous translations of literary texts from Odia into English. Among these are: Ants, Ghosts and Whispering Trees (an anthology of Odia short stories, in collaboration with K.K. and Leelawati Mohapatra, HarperCollins: 2003); Six Acres and a Third (the first social realist novel in an Indian language, by Phakirmohan Senapati, co-translated with R.S. Mishra, S.P. Mohanty and J.K. Nayak, University of California Press: 2005 and Penguin: 2006); Medieval Odia Poetry (with Ganeswar Mishra, Vidyapuri: 2010); and Atmacharita (the first autobiography in Odia, also by Phakirmohan Senapati, published by National Book Trust of India in 2016; translated with D.R. Pattanaik and B.K. Tripathy).