Dhauli Books


by Sarojkant Mishra



Bou is an Odia collection of poems by Sarojkant Mishra.Served as a senior officer in the state government, Mishra sincerely chased after his passion for poetry.After retirement from the service, he earned a doctorate on epic ‘Savitri’ by Sri Aurobinda. Poems written here are mostly of autobiographical.Presently he is teaching English language and literature in a reputed college at the outskirt of Bhubaneswar.


Sarojkant Mishra is an Odia poet and commentator on Hindu philosophy.

Book Details
Author Sarojkant Mishra
Language Odia
Genre Poetry
Publisher Dhauli Books
Publication Year 2017
ISBN 978-9380758701
Edition 1
Binding Paperback
Pages 87