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Translating Odisha

by Paul St-Pierre



Translating Odisha includes writings on translation and on Odisha produced between 1996 and 2019 by a former professor of translation teaching in Canada. It is divided into seven sections: the first considers translation as an act defined mostly by the society and context in which it takes place; the second includes articles on translation relating specifically to Odisha; the third presents general issues the act of translation raises; the fourth contains analyses of translations of the work of Phakirmohan Senapati; the fifth includes introductions to writings by J.P. Das; the sixth republishes some fourteen short occasional pieces, on different aspects of Odia literature and culture; the final and seventh section lists forty-four translations from Odia on which the author has worked in collaboration with different translators. The volume will appeal to scholars and general readers interested in translation, translation theory, and the literature and culture of Odisha.


Paul St-Pierre taught in translation programs in Canada for more than twenty-five years and served as president of both the Canadian Association of Translation Studies and the Canadian Association of Schools of Translation. He has visited Odisha at least once a year since 1993, and has collaborated on numerous translations of literary texts from Odia into English. Among these are: Ants, Ghosts and Whispering Trees (an anthology of Odia short stories, in collaboration with K.K. and Leelawati Mohapatra, HarperCollins: 2003); Six Acres and a Third (the first social realist novel in an Indian language, by Phakirmohan Senapati, co-translated with R.S. Mishra, S.P. Mohanty and J.K. Nayak, University of California Press: 2005 and Penguin: 2006); Medieval Odia Poetry (with Ganeswar Mishra, Vidyapuri: 2010); and Atmacharita (the first autobiography in Odia, also by Phakirmohan Senapati, published by National Book Trust of India in 2016; translated with D.R. Pattanaik and B.K. Tripathy).

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Author Paul St-Pierre
Language English
Genre Non-Fiction
Publisher Dhauli Books
Publication Year 2019
ISBN ISBN-13: 978-9389382129
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