Dhauli Books

Tume Bi Jana

by Andrej Blatnik



Partly parables, partly fairy tales, You Do Understand is a comedy of errors for a species of talkers who’ve never learned to listen. This collection of sharp, spare, occasionally absurd, cruel, touching, and yet always generous short short fictions addresses the fundamental difficulty we have in making the people we love understand what we want and need. Demonstrating that language and intimacy are as much barriers between human beings as ways of connecting them, Andrej Blatnik provides us with a guided tour of the slips, misunderstandings, and blind alleys we each manage to fall foul of on a daily basis – no closer to understanding the motives of our families, friends, lovers, or co-workers than we are those of a complete stranger … or, indeed, our own.


Andrej Blatnik (1963) teaches publishing at the University of Ljubljana. He has published ten fiction and six nonfiction books and won some major Slovenian literary awards. His stories were translated into 30+ languages and included into numerous anthologies, including Best European Fiction and Shorts: Five Centuries of Short Short Stories. He has over 30 books in translation in thirteen languages, including four in English. He was awarded the best Slavic book of short fiction (‘Premje Jugra’) award in 2016. Blatnik appeared on literary festivals such as PEN World Voices, Toronto Festival, Jaipur Festival and Cosmopolis.

Book Details
Author Andrej Blatnik
Language Odia
Genre Fiction
Publisher Dhauli Books
Publication Year 2019
ISBN 978-8193963036
Edition 1
Binding Paperback
Pages 82