Dhauli Books is open to considering for publication unsolicited, new and best fiction and general non-fiction in English and Odia language and also gives emphasis to literary prize winners and commercial blockbusters.

Please avoid submitting the categories of the books that include monographs, textbooks, children's books, comic books or technical books since we don't publish such books.

We invite the proposal from authors to be sent to us @ submission@dhaulibooks.com

We don't receive hard copies initially unless it is asked for.
Author proposal must accompany the following documents.

  • First twenty-five pages of MS.
  • A synopsis
  • A covering letter.
  • Contact details of author.

Dhauli Books will get back to you as soon as possible but certainly not more than a month.
Once the proposal is liked by us, we would like to see further material as a part of our decision process, but not to be construed as final decision taken by us.
We shall notify the author about acceptance of MS and terms will be agreed and contracts signed.
No liability whatsoever can be assumed by Dhauli Books for author's proposal/MS till the contract is signed.